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As Albertans we’re proud of our resilient and self-sustaining attitude with a desire to be independent in our energy needs. Through the advancement in technology it is not only possible but in every Albertans best interest for the comfort and safety of their family to capitalize on producing power in their homes and businesses.

Own Energy is the only business dedicated to making this self-sustaining goal possible for each and every Albertan through uniquely integrated sales, service, and installation of the very latest systems and products. Like you, we believe in protecting our environment. And, like you we are commited to saving you tremendous amounts of your energy dollars.

Make your life sustainable;

integrate green energy solutions and Own Energy

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The Power of Integration

Own Energy provides individual property owners the ability to become energy self-sustaining.

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The Power of Reduction

Reduce your energy consumption by at least 25% without changing your living habits.

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Alternative Energy

New technologies have made solar, wind, geothermal and biogas affordable.

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